Moroccan Tile

What Kinds of Moroccan Tiles Can You Use in Your Home?

Have you taken a look at the different kinds of Moroccan tile that can work in the many spaces of your home? There are all kinds of tile that you can utilize to make any place a little brighter, more appealing and inviting for everyone who walks in.

If you are going for a Moroccan theme, it is a must to use Moroccan tiles in your decorating project in order to fully capture the Moroccan feel. When you buy tile for use in the home, you are simply buying something to cover a space. This is not the case when buying Moroccan tile, which is hand-prepared and produced with naturally treated clay. You are making a statement with a vibrant surface full of unique patterns with many different colors. This often is tough to duplicate with other types of tile.

There's also a large variety of colors to choose from. You can choose from earth-like tones or brighter sun-themed colors. These colors are typically added in the heating process.

Moroccan tiles are truly money well spent and should fit very well into your home.

Moroccan Tile

Moroccan floor tiles can be added onto any flat surface. They will stick to a surface no matter how many people walk over them. Therefore, they should be there for you for years to come as they will not buckle under pressure.

Much of what makes Moroccan ceramic tiles durable is the way they are prepared. The natural clay substances used to create these tiles are strong but it's the extreme heat conditions that often make it stronger. A natural kiln will cure and treat the ceramic surfaces to stay intact for years to come.

The big question you'd have when adding these tiles is just where you plan on placing them. The fact is, Moroccan tiles can be added to practically any flat surface in your home. You could use them in your bathroom as a solid surface that's easy to keep a grip on. They might even be added to a long hallway.

You could even add floor tiles to the entry point to your home. Floor tiles should be used here to create a strong first impression. The purpose of having these tiles out there is to give people the idea that your home looks more entertaining and inviting. Adding quality tiles to this space is always a smart idea to think about when finding a way to make a section more entertaining.

Around Your Walls

You can also add these tiles around your home's walls. Moroccan wall tiles will come with fashionable accents that are easy to install. They are capable of moving over surfaces without too much space or a great deal of obstruction coming in the way. In fact, wall tiles might be a little better than what you'd expect out of some of the more traditional things you could add to your home.

A tile will also stick around much longer than paint or wallpaper. Moorish tiles tend to last for years and will not peel off like wallpaper or fade like paint.

In fact, these tiles will not wear out or fall off as a result of humidity in your home. You could place these tiles around your kitchen or bathroom and still not worry about anything falling off or wearing out.

One big question that you might have when finding the right tiles involves the pattern you want to use. There are several patterns that can make a Moorish tile application a little more vibrant. You can choose a border with a line around one end of the wall. You can also add a border near the bottom of the wall. There's even the option to use a zig-zag pattern.

In Your Kitchen

You will probably run into solid clay or cement Moroccan tiles for sale while you're shopping for them. These are ideal for your kitchen for several reasons. They are not only easy to clean but also capable of sticking in places where water often gets in the way. You could even use these in a kitchen backsplash if you prefer.

It doesn't take long for moisture to build up in a kitchen since you have to use water for cleaning or food preparation. This moisture can damage a traditional walled surface due to the inability of some surfaces to take in water. Therefore, a Moroccan cement tile should be added to make the space a little stronger.

A Moroccan backsplash tile design may include similar-looking tiles strung together around a walled surface. They are often strung through a series of solid tones or textures that move around the sink.

It is also easy to cut tiles as they are being prepared. Some tiles are designed to include only one or two inches of space on each side.

Plus, a Moroccan kitchen backsplash will resist mold and bacteria for years to come. The risk of damages will be extremely minimal.

For an Artistic Flair

The flair that comes with many tiles is evident through the beautiful colors and patterns you can use. While these colors might be perfectly arranged and designed, you can find some tiles that feature special cuts and angles. Every tile is cut by expert artisans to create beautiful tones and patterns. You could use some of these special patterns in your home.

A few cuts may be added with one of two different edges placed in individual tiles. These edges typically come with straight or curved tones depending on the tile you select. These tiles have to be cut individually to create a snug fit that doesn't have too much space in between each tile. In fact, this kind of tile may include a special artistic flair that's often hard to duplicate. It makes any surface or wall a little more vibrant and should add to the value of whatever it is you have.

Checking With a Supplier

An average Moroccan tiles supplier can provide you with strategies relating to how you can use these tiles in your home. You might be encouraged to add them around the ends of a kitchen or near the bottom parts of a wall, for example. You can also receive recommendations on which flooring surfaces you should add your tiles onto.

Your supplier should give you details on the options that you can select. The odds are you can find a Moroccan tile that fits in well while featuring a color and cut that's right for whatever you have.

Your home can be accentuated with tiles in many places. It's always good to check on what's open in your home and what a supplier wants you to do. The goal is to find a way to make a tile application look its best while creating some kind of functionality. You must use this appropriately if those tiles are actually to be of use to you.

You have to think about using Moroccan tile products to give your home the appearance you've always wanted. These tiles are designed with not only some attractive styles but also with plenty of beneficial uses in mind.